Thank you for visiting this website operated by Fan Silver Jewelry. We respect your private information and are always committed to keep it safe. Protecting consumers’ personal information and building trust are our priorities. Therefore, using customer names and other related information is subject to the content of this policy. We only collect necessary information related to the purchase transaction.

A. Cookie

Cookies are data folders that are stored temporarily or permanently on a customer’s hard drive. Cookies are used for identity verification, status protection and maintainance of specific information about users and data usage on, such as website preferences or information of customers’ electronic shopping carts. If customers do not want to keep the cookies on the system, they can delete all cookies history on the hard drive by searching the folder named “cookies” and deleting it afterwards. In the future, customers may edit the preferences directly from their Internet browsers so that (future) cookies are blocked.

Please note that: By doing so, customers may not be able to use full features of this website For more information about how to use and not receive cookies, please visit the website

B. Personal Information

  1. Field of using personal information:
  • Storing and looking up order information from the sales platforms on Fan Silver Jewelry,
  • Providing customer supports using given contact information, purchased products, registered accounts or registered email addresses from Fan Silver Jewelry‘s newsletter; messaging, calling, mailing, announcing order updates, resolving inquiries and complaints,
  • Confirming and exchanging transaction information between the customers and Fan Silver Jewelry,
  • Announcing promotions via messages or provided email addresses,
  • Preventing any activity of destroying, appropriating accounts or activities of impersonation,
  • In case of request from authorized government management agencies.

 2. Duration of storing personal information:

There is no ending time except when customers request to our Administration Team to have their personal data deleted, or until Fan Silver Jewelry stops operating the business.


 3. Persons or organizations that may have access to customers’ personal information:

  • Administration Team,
  • Third-party service that having integration with our website,
  • Services collaborating with Fan Silver Jewelry by contracts and agreements,
  • The complainant proving the consumer violation,
  • In case of request from authorized government management agencies.

 4. Means and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data:

  • Consumers have the full right to check, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging into the website, editing personal information or requesting our Administration Team to do this.
  • Consumers have the right to submit complaints about their personal information being exposed to third-party services to our Administration Team. After receiving the feedback, Fan Silver Jewelry will confirm the information, take responsibility for providing appropriate reasons, and guiding customers on how to recover and secure their information.

 5. Receiving and resolving complaints related to consumer data:

When consumers detect their personal information being used in wrong purposes, consumers can send a complaint mail to [email protected] to provide evidence related to the case to our Administration Team. We will respond immediately or at least within 24 working hour after receiving the information.

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