Social Distancing & Being Happy at the Same Time

We might have heard a lot of “social distancing” in our daily life, especially since the existence of the pandemic & everyone has to stay at home to protect ourselves. Not only in Vietnam, COVID-19 is still going wild on many parts of the world & we can’t know when the quarantine is gonna be over. Here are some tips from Fan Silver Jewelry to cheer you up & help you stay happy during “social distancing”.

Source: Anna Nekrashevich

WFH (Work From Home) effectively during lockdown

WFH (Work From Home) – or work remotely – is quite acquainted with some developed contries & it just recently became popular in Vietnam when everyone needed to stay home for health satefy. Since then, WFH has replaced our traditional ways of going to work & broken the limits of professional communication with our colleagues. No need to spend hours on traveling to work, or looking groomed & smart – from top to toes – all the time, remote working can solve most problems that typical white-collar people might deal with.


However, keeping focusing on the screens might lead to negative health issues such as hurted back, tired eyes, etc. that you may not be awared of. The key to get rid of these problems is giving yourself relaxing moments after each 45 minutes of working & only use electrical devides if needed.

Don’t forget to take a break during your work time. Source: Karolina Grabowska

Another tip to prevent tired eyes is by looking at green stuffs like trees, grass, or anything that is green.

Make use of any green stuffs at home to sooth your eyes. Source: Anna Nekrashevich

Additionally, to become more professional during remote working, it’s important to maintain good manners & punctuality even though we are unable to see our co-workers in person. Getting yourself a minimal, clean and serepated workspace, also simple yet profesional outfits will be a plus in front of your colleagues.

Hãy ưu tiên sắp xếp một góc nhỏ trong nhà, hoặc sử dụng một phòng riêng biệt để làm việc hợp lý, gọn gàng hơn. Prioritize an empty space or a room in your house to help you focus at work & organize office materials. Source: Anna Nekrashevich

Receive news from the Internet with thorough selection

Staying at home during quaratine is a favorable chance to check your phone, spend hours on social media, watch news on televisions & keep updated more than before. Everyone loves hearing great news, that’s why there are chances for unoffficial & false information to penetrate into our daily life, creating more negative thoughts & worried minds. It’s not unsual that we can easily feel exhausted after spending hours listening with a gaping mouth instead of doing daily chores.

Avoid bad energy by not watching negative news on the Internet. Source: Anthony Shkraba

To be a wise online citizen, we should focus on valued & important information, not running away with other people’s judgements or false accusations. This behavior will not only ruin your day & waste our precious 24 hours but also make our moods worse. Remember, staying happy during social distancing is your prioritized thing to do.

Becoming a better version of yourself

Nothing is cooler than becoming a better version of yourself after quarantine, right? Since we should have more time these days, learning something new from online courses or just simply looking after your health are good ways to enjoy staying at home. Always take references, consume food and vitamin supplements that boost your immune system & protect your health from diseases and viruses.

Finding a new personal hobbie will help your quarantine days less boring. Source: Anna Nekrashevich

Not gonna lie, quarantine days are the golden time to take care of your appearance. Try a new style that you wished you would do before, adding new fashion accessories to your collection, or buy some jewelries that compliment your outfits.

Final thought: Obviously there are real hardships during the COVID-19 time, but if we can spend more time to love & take good care of ourselves, we believe that quarantine days would be the happiest & memorable days in our lifetime.

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